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School Assembly Program of Magic

"Magic has a wonderful way of capturing attention. When a student is focused on a magic trick "How did he do that?" Their minds are open to receive new and/or reenforcing information.

All of my shows are filled with captivating sleight of hand magic, audience interaction, comedy, and most important of all, educationally significant material that is current with state standards. I look forward to the opportunity to serve your school!"

— Arthur Atsma

All Programs are age adjustable K-middle school.

Each program is distinctively different from each other, so you can have Arthur back multiple times for different programs.


"Reading Takes You Everywhere"

Program is packed with magic and stories of magicians from around the world and the past! Magic from China, Japan, France, Germany, Egypt, and of course America are featured.

"The Magic of Reading"

Excellent program which features loads of comedy magic that references books, encourages imagination, and motivates students to read for fun. There is a bonus section which explores creative writing and the elements of story!


"Math, Measure, Movement, and Magic!"

Amazing magic that reinforces standard math skills. Addition, subtraction, division, money, units of time, weights and measurements are part of the curriculum. A brief history of math and counting is spread a cross a show that features tricks with coins, rings, live animal, balls, and a few "surprises", learning, and much fun!


"The Magic Science Circus"

Fast paced newtonian physics taught through circus stunts and magic stunts. Learn all about gravity, inertia, acceleration, centripetal force, friction, and what it takes to hit the sound barrier and so much more! Juggling, magic, plate spinning, and lots of audience interaction!


"Hands Are for Helping, Not Hurting"

Show focuses on non-violent solutions for conflict resolution. Comedy magic, is woven into themes of working together to understand differences and caring to make a difference. Show emphasis on bullying, citizenship, and team work.

Show costs

Single performance......$350.00
Two back to back........$600.00
Three Back to Back.....$900.00
Price does not include travel