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What's Arthur up to?

Mind Play

Mental theatriks and experiments in Sleight of Mind

A magic show for the sophisticated and skeptical mind!

Using psychology, illusion, hypnosis, and advanced NLP techniques, Arthur will take you on an incredible journey into the realm of astonishment.

This is not a "Mind Freak", or David Blaine stare so serious the tension will make you sweat show. This is an extraordinary exhibition of mental prowess with a thread of good natured humor twisted throughout. You will be amazed, astonished, and question what you thought you knew to be the limits of the human brain, simultaneously and at the same time even, you will experience laughter, joy, and an overall good feeling!

Wow, you don't want to miss that now do you?

"I have always wondered why Chris Angel, and David Blaine look so upset when they are performing. I mean, really, if I had the power to do what they did, I would be a pretty jovial person! In my show, "Mind Play", I demonstrate just that. Incredible Mental Theatricks and experiments in sleight of mind with a comedic twist that is not a dreary ride preying on peoples fears and phobias, rather a positive experience of laughter and comedy as improbable situations working out in impossible fashion!" Though the show is Astonishing, it won't "Creep you out".

Imagine ...

The power of suggestion. Three audience members participate in a hilariously farcical experiment in subliminal persuasion, the outcome is surprising and impossible!

Treasure Box. Four volunteers combined efforts determine a phrase from a collection of 10,000 quotes. When the quote is read, and the treasure box opened, the wonderful experience of incredible coincidence occurs!

Casino Trip. Wouldn't it be great if you knew how your next trip to the casino would go? I demonstrate my ability to know exactly the outcome of your next bet, the hand, and where it will be!

Brain Scan. A stack of current books, several spectators, thought of words and phrases. I will read your mind like a novel!

Trap of Pain. Description unavailable at this time.

These are just a few selections from the show. There are many other random and spontaneous events in each performance that cannot be predetermined. "Mind Play" is a rare treat of Mental Theatricks you have to experience for yourself!

Due to the mental nature of this show, it is not intended for younger audiences, however it is recommended for corporate, team building, college, and private parties.


Cell: 404-502-3004