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Magic Secrets Revealed DVDS

Arthur Atsma presents...."Magic in the House" Volumes 1, 2, and 3.

Each dvd contains three routines that you can do with stuff found in your house. Detailed explanations cover all sleights, moves, patter and presentation tips.

  • Classic magic taught "one on one" with Arthur Atsma.
  • Purchase individually or all together.
  • Available for a limited time.
  • $12.50 each or $30.00 for all three! (plus shipping)
  • Order today, so you can start doing your own "Magic in the House!"



All three together ONLY $30.00

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Magic in the House Description

These DVDs contain the magic tricks that I learned when I got started in performance magic back in 1985. These are tricks that I have taught in magic classes and workshops across the country. Many of the tricks and techniques taught on these DVDs are used in my current professional arsenal!

       – Arthur Atsma

DVD Contents

Disk one contains:

1. Cups and Balls   2. Explanation Cups and Balls
3. Spinning Card     4. Spinning Card Explanation
5. Paper Money      6. Paper Money Explanaition
7. Contact info        8. bonus performance!

Disk two contains:

1. Clipped                2. Clipped Explained
3. Paper Package     4. Paper Package Explained
5. Stick of It!             6. Stick of It Explained
7. Contact info

Disk three contains:

1. Fuzz Ball                 2. Fuzz Ball Explained
3. Card Trick 2             4. Card Trick 2 Explained
5. Tearable Post Trick   6. Tearable Post Explained
7. Contact info              8. Book Resources